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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you're weaking up to an amber alert. what you need to know about a missingle-year-old -- missing 8- year-old. the latest on the looming debt ceiling. are we any closer to a solution? fox 5 morning news continues right now. take a look at our tower cam this morning. it's 6:00. already getting light out there this morning. get ready for the heat. we'll crank it up. it's tuesday morning, july 12. glad you're us with this
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morning. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. i'm sarah simmons. before we get to weather, we want to begin with an image from rock hill. check out what happened to this house last night. a lightning strike sparked a fire there. investigators say the lightning struck a tree on whipple will lane. the current of the bolt ricocheted on to the roof. this is the second time in five years this home has been damaged by lightning. >> fortunately no injuries although it's going to be a pain with all the damage. those people are going to say don't tell me lightning doesn't strike twice. it's going to be hot today. >> really hot. the hottest day of the week i think. very uncomfortable today. poor air quality. we have a code orange in effect, unhealthy air for those at risk. a lot going on. we'll start with the satellite and radar. we had big storms rumble through portions of the viewing area. yesterday it got quite dark and scary looking. all the storl activity has -- storm activity has pushed well off to the south and west of
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here. we do have the clouds still. a couple of showers popping up in central virginia now but most of the activity is in southwestern virginia, eastern portions of tennessee, western portions of north carolina, and southern west virginia. so that's where that is. we talked about the heat advisory. yes, there's a heat advisory that goes into effect at noon today. lasts until 8:00 p.m. all the counties you see there including washington, d.c. this is because with the heat in the upper 90s, the air temperature and humidity, it's going to feel like it's between 100 and 105 degrees during the day today. currently 78 degrees at reagan national. relative humidity 81%. so very uncomfortable out. winds out of the southwest now at 7 miles an hour. planner for today hazy, hot and humid. can't rule out a stray thunderstorm or two during the afternoon and evening hours. look for a high today of around 99 degrees. a brutal day out there, folks, so take the necessary precautions. there you go. >> sunscreen, hat, anything you
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can think of. >> drink plenty of water. >> lightweight clothing. >> that's right. that's what i'm doing. >> thank you, tony. a traffic alert in clarksburg. a small part of the commute still is impacted by a major gas leak. it started yesterday and tied up parts of 270 northbound on clarksburg road for hours. dramatic video shows debris flying out of a manhole spewing smoke. no one was hurt and today the drive around there should be much better. let's check in with julie wright and see if that is the case. what is the latest? >> reporter: the latest is we have the eastbound side of 121 still tied up with the gas main repairs. the right lane is all that's closed as you travel between 270 and 355. so again it's just the right lane that's closed. the change is now coming off of northbound 270. right at the end of this ramp. this ramp splits to go to the right and the left. the right side remains closed but you do have access to eastbound 121. so that's a change from earlier this morning when we started our show. again 270 is open in each
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direction but very little delay and the ramp from northbound 270 to exit on to 121 is now open. no incidents on i-95 out of dumfries. lanes are open traveling towards the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our big story this morning, a bolden, brazen abduction in bat pore. >> an amber alert has been issued for an 8-year-old boy. skies yi cohan has the -- stacey cohan has the latest. >> reporter: it is a brazen abduction from the streets of baltimore. i have a picture now. take a good look at it. baltimore police say this 8- year-old boy darrick brown, jr. was walking with a group of friends around 6:30 last night in the 300 block of gwynn avenue. two men pulled up to the group of kids. they grabbed darrick and threw him into the trunk of a car before speeding away. we do have a picture of a vehicle that resembles the one that was used yesterday. it's a newer model light green ford taurus. the car did have maryland
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license plates but police do not have the tag numbers yet. darrick was last seen wearing black shorts and a black t- shirt with a red and white rocket on the front of that. once again this happened in a neighborhood in southwest baltimore. it was around 6:30 last night. we have an amber alert issued which means police want you to keep your eyes open and anyone with information on what may have happened to this little boy are urged to contact police. back to you. >> thank you. in prince george's county, surveillance video led police to a 23-year-old woman accused in the brutal murder after well known business owner. the suspect and victim knew each other but they're not sure what set off the rampage. owens was seen inside the bladensburg store shortly before the april murder of richard n.a.m. she confessed to stabbing him with a box cutter, beating him with a chainsaw and stealing $2,000 in cash. she then allegedly set the market on fire to try and cover up the crime.
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d.c. council member phil mendelson will introduce a new law to make the district a gun dealer because there's no way in the district for gun owners to make transfers. ever since the supreme court ruled that people can own handguns in d.c., gun owners have been fighting for a way to legally have handguns if their home. -- in their homes. president obama challenging congressional leaders to return to the white house again today. they did meet yesterday but are still no closer to reaching a compromise on a plan to raise the debt ceiling. the president says he does not want a short-term extension instead insisting on a long- term deal. >> the things that i will not consider are a 30-day or a 60 disai or a -- 60-day or 9 on- day or 180-day temporary stopgap resolution to this problem. >> president obama wants a deal that includes $4 trillion in spending cuts and tax hikes over the next decade but after yesterday's meeting,
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negotiators are going to have to come up with new ideas on finding a compromise. roger clemens is heading to trial accused of perjury. alan haynesworth for alleged sexual assault. we'll have more on that coming up. gordon brown a victim of the tabloid hacking scandal? he's now sounding off about it. fox 5 morning news will be right back. it's 6:07.
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allegations that the now closed news of the word tabloid newspaper also hacked more than ten royals and their staff. former british prime minister gordon brown says he's shocked by allegations that he was also hacked including his bank account and his son's medical records. he told the bbc these people work with known criminals. rupert murdoch's news corps may face possible investigation in the u.s. a new trial date for
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redskin albert haynesworth august 23. that's when he'll go on trial for misdemeanor sexual assault charges. he's accused of putting his credit into a waitress' bra and fondling her at the hotel bar in february. he denies the charges. the case carries a maximum six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. the judge in the roger clemens perjury trial says he won't question any additional potential jurors and decided opening arguments will start tomorrow morning. clemens is charged with lying to congress. stars flock to new york for the much anticipated premier of the harry potter finale. more from the red carpet coming up next. a close look at the new escalator at the foggy bomb metro station. find out what is so special about these steps coming up next. 
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it's a bittersweet curtain closer for potter mania. the movie premiered in the big apple last night. this is the final installment of the popular franchise. fans say it is going to be hard to say goodbye. >> i feel like graduation if school. now i'm ready to go and take everything i've learned and hopefully do more good work. >> i'll also miss the crew, the cast, you know, everything about what was my day like for ten years. >> you came all the way from france? >> yes, to see them. >> it's been like an era of harry potter. it's my childhood packed in seven backs. >> daniel radcliffe will celebrate with his five children. no. , i'm just kidding. seems like it's been around for ever. it hits theaters on friday. so far the reviews of the film
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are positive. we'll see what kevin mccarthy has to say when he joins us this friday morning. >> i know. it will be interesting to see. >> it is remarkable. if you're a 15-year-old when it all started, you're 25 years old now and you literally grew up with this. >> now you have to explain why you're still going to see the movie. >> once you're vested in it, you foe, it's like when i was growing up, the planet of the apes movie. >> try to watch those now with your green screen effect. >> not good. >> at least harry potter, any age can go because of the action. you can still enjoy the movie. >> that's right. it's a hot one. it is going to be really uncomfortably hot and unpleasant. i'm just being honest with you. you know it too. 78 degrees is your current temperature here in washington. 72 at gaithersburg. want company it's 76 degrees. dulles airport 73. 77 in annapolis.
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79 already in leonardtown. so a warm start to the day. also the humidity is up around the 80% mark. temperature trend some good news. first of all today way above average. our average high for today 88 degrees. we're about to enter what is traditionally the warmest time of the year. we're looking for 99 degrees for a high. if we get to 99 which we think we will, that will tie a record for the day. then there's some relief. tomorrow 92. so still above normal. still warm but lower humidity. but then thursday and friday look great. upper and mid-80s as we head towards the weekend. so not bad there. satellite and radar composite, we have some clouds with us this morning. you can see them right there. but we also have this whole system really pushing southward. the big storm system that moved through yesterday, that is gone. still some lingering rain showers in southwestern virginia. now extending up into central portions of virginia as well. another big weather maker out across the plain states. some thunderstorm activity there. clear skies between those two systems. we're going to get a lot of
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that clear sky working in here tomorrow and for the latter part of the week. for today here's would the forecast looks like. heat advisory in effect from noon until 8:00 p.m. partly cloudy, hot and humid. some thunderstorms pop up variety. thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening. your high 99 degrees. that will tie a record. if we get to 100, we'll break the record. partly cloudy tonight, mild. spotty thunderstorms. 77 for your overnight low. so another warm night really. then your five-day forecast we showed you those temperatures. still an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow. but thursday, friday, even saturday right now, they all look like good days with less humidity and more reasonable temperatures. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's find out what's happening with traffic. here's julie wright with take. we're busy out on the roads this morning. we have a lot going on. if you're traving north along i- 95, we had a crash before you reach 234 dumfries. that's going. traffic on the northbound side of the highway still very slow at this point leaving stafford up to 610 with a new accident
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to report tying up the left side of the roadway. traffic closed again in newington. from west 66 not as bad. a brief delay at business 234. our big story the gas main work that continues on 121 as you travel eastbound between 270 and 355, the right side of the road remains blocked. you do have access from northbound 270 to exit on to eastbound 121. earlier this morning that ramp was closed. that's no longer the case. 270 itself opened for business as you travel out of high hyattstown. intlz we're monitoring metro this morning. riders at the foggy bomb metro station are thrilled about a -- foggy bottom metro station are thrilled about a new escalator. the metro forward project has set aside $150 million to repair and replace escalators over the next few years. for metro passengers, any movement literally is a step in
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the right direction. >> i mean, it's nice, it's better than walking up it for sure. it's new so i like it. >> we're putting in not the lowest bid kind of escalators. we're putting necessary came laters that are really rugged, industrial strength. >> foggy bottom will get two more escalators, a staircase and a canopy. by the way, of the 588 metro escalators, about 100 were out of service as of monday. so pretty. >> very nice. it is an escalator. all eyes now on italy. >> here in the u.s. good news for those on a budget and in the market for a new car. we'll take a look at the latest creation from nissan. stay with us, everyone. it is now 6:20. 
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. 6:23 right now. the fear is spreading about the financial state of italy and its impact of the markets. nissan out with the cheapest
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new car in america. we'll get to that in a minute but first fox business news. i take one day off and everything is falling apart. what happened yesterday? >> reporter: it's continuing to fall apart this morning. good morning, steve. italy and spain, those are the number one topics. the tired and fourth largest countries in the euro zone now subject to the debt concerns that plagued greece. we had a huge sell-off yesterday, down 151 points on the dow. i like to say it was a sea of red. this morning dow futures are off by another 90 points so the selling is picking up speed and it is spreading. we have italian and spain markets also down significantly. europe selling off by 2% overall. >> spilling into the water and spilling into the glasses to help cope of what's happening on wall street these days. let's talk about people trying to save money. nissan out with -- i guess is this the cheapest new car available for 2012? >> the cheapest new car in
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america. it hits dealerships next month. it's the 2012 nissan vary is a sedan -- versa sedan. you can get it in eight different colors and it has air conditioning. i can afford that one. >> we'll need it. that's actually not a bad deal for the price. i'm assuming since it's that type of vehicle, pretty good gas mileage too. we'll see you cruising around the streets of new york in that. still probably better to take a tab. >> you never want to see me drive. >> hope the markets are better and they recovered some points. thank you. see you again tomorrow morning. 6:25 right now. our big story this morning, an amber alert and stacey cohan is following the details in that story. >> reporter: steve, an 8-year- old boy was snatched right off the street and stuffed into the trunk of a car. i will have everything you need to know to help police find this little boy. doug? the debt default deadline is rapidly approaching but no
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agreement yet. i'm doug luzader in washington. we'll have more on white house thoughts coming up. 
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6:29 right now. getting closer to 6:30. keeping an eye on those temperatures this morning. >> luckily they haven't moved much will be a little later whe they actually start to increase. there are no bones about it. it's going to be a hot day, the hottest day of the week. want to let you know there's a code orange in effect for air quality. that means it's unhealthy air for those at risk groups, the very young, the elderly. you should limit your time outdoors. you should pick your times to exercise early in the morning or in the evening hours, et cetera, et cetera. you know the routine. >> when it gets this hot, you feel like you can't breathe. >> the worst part, tucker and i were talking about n. i don't like the kind of weather where
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you step outdoors and within 10 seconds you're sweating. >> we'll get through it. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at your weather headline for the day. you know the routine by now that summer heat is in full swing. heat advisory goes into effect at noon today. lasts until 8:00. during that period of time it will likely feel like it's between 100 and 105 degrees. maybe not right at noon but certainly shortly after that. here's a look at the satellite radar. we do have some clouds in over us this morning. there's a little bit of precipitation developing in central portions of virginia but as quickly as it develops, it's already breaking up. the more significant rain is in southwestern virginia and western portions of north carolina over the mountains. right now current conditions 78 degrees at reagan national. the humidity is at 79%. so you know that's uncomfortable. winds are out of the southwest at 3 miles an hour.
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your forecast for today, look for a high today of 99 degrees. that, my friends, is 11 degrees above normal. hazy, hot, humid. cannot rule out a stray thunderstorm or two this afternoon and during the evening hours. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. i'm happy to be able to say for the first time again in a long time, coming up in about 15 minutes today's edition of ask the weather guys. tucker and i reunited once again for ask the guys. ♪ and it feels so good today's fascinating question about eye color and we have just learned of a bizarre coincidence involving today's ask the weather guys edition. it's a video submission. it's a good one, too. >> i can't wait. >> thank you. julie, you aren't privy to tucker's -- we heard them loud and clear. >> i heard some dog howling in
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the background. either that someone was stepping on allison's foot when she was in the green room getting dressed. i wasn't sure. lanes are open if you're traveling the beltway between college park and bethesda. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox traveling westbound 495. as you travel westbound on the beltway, you'll find that the lanes are open. typical slowdowns here as you continue westbound 495 from college park headed in towards silver spring. no incidents to report south on 95. earlier crash reported near 32. that's already been cleared over to the shoulder. yes. 270 is open for business as you travel between hyattstown and germantown with a brief slowdown south of 109. 121 east of 270, the gas main break repairs continue. the right lane is closed between 270 and 355 with very little delay. if you're traveling in on 66 right into the sunshine. we're slowing here at fair oaks headed eastbound towards 123. a crash at 610 in the left lane with a backup out of stafford leaving 630 courthouse road.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our big story this morning, an amber alert issued for an 8- year-old boy. >> he was abducted in broad daylight in baltimore. stacey cohan this morning in the newsroom with the latest details. >> reporter: this is a really incredible story. we really need the help of the public to break this one wide open. it's an 8-year-old boy. we have a picture of him abducted from the streets of baltimore. his name is derek brown, 8 years old. he was with a group of friends on the streets of baltimore. witnesses say that a car pulled up, grabbed derek, threw him into the trunk of the car and sped away. the vehicle looks very much like one we have a picture of here. it is a newer model light green ford taurus. it has maryland license plates but unfortunately police do in the yet have the number of the license plate. darrick was last seen wearing black shorts with a black t- shirt with a red and white rocket on top of it. it happened in the neighborhood of southwest baltimore at 6:30
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in the evening. darrick was with a group of friends. police are earning anyone with -- urging anyone with information to call police. they are talking with darrick's family and friends but they have no idea where this little boy is right now. i'm stacey cohan. back to you. new details about the murder of a 16-year-old girl felicia barnes from north carolina disappeared last december while visiting her sister if baltimore. her body was found five months later in the sauce came hanna -- susquehanna river. the f.b.i. is looking into whether she was the victim of sexual exploitation or child pornography before she was killed. a brother of afghan president ahmed car size was assassinated overnight. ahmed wali karzai was killed overnight. he's been the target of assassination attempts before. he had become a lightning rod of criticism about what is
6:35 am
wrong with the afghan government. crowds of government supporters attacked the american embassy in damascus yesterday. and the u.s. is demanding compensation for the damage. the angry mob ransacked the embassy breaking windows, tearing letters off the front and spray painting messages like the american ambassador is a dog. they were upset that the u.s. ambassador visited the opposition stronghold city last week. the attackers were driven by u.s. marines -- driven off rather by u.s. marines guarding the embassy. to the economy now. they are back at it again. the president sits down with congressional leaders to avert a default on some of the nation's bills. there's talk of compromise but not much action here. doug luzader joins us now with more details from capitol hill. doug, they say they're going to meet every day this week. sounds like there wasn't much progress yesterday either. are you hearing anything about
6:36 am
today? >> reporter: well, just that they're going to be meeting again today. you know, absent some kind of major blink on one side or the other, it doesn't look like they're going to get a whole lot closer to an agreement. democrats are insisting on tax hikes of one form or another. the white house especially. republicans are saying no. if there's anything that resembles a tax hike, it will not make it through the house. that's where things stand. there was some talk yesterday that the president was floating this idea of raising the medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67. that can politically be a pretty tough sell. if he's serious about it, republicans might go along with that idea but it really comes down to these details, especially to ones involving new taxes and there's no agreement on that yet. >> here's the thing. as we get closer and closer to this deadline, a lot of people start to think of the 11th hour we had when they were trying to avoid a government shutdown. do you think that's going to be the same case scenario that it's really going to come down
6:37 am
to that point? >> reporter: well, it may. in fact, we may see even the administration mailing out letters to social security recipients letting them mow there -- them know there could be a lapse in benefits if there is not a resolution. that really ups the antee when you start going to that kind of step. a lot of this will probably be determined by who perceives the most blame coming their way. if republicans think they're about to suffer the wrath of the public for having this issue unresolved they may blink first. if democrats think they're going to be blamed, they may blink first but we have to get closer to the august 2 deadline before there's any resolution. >> a lot of people are wondering are they really going to be willing to take that risk and this is really a game of who is going to give in first? >> reporter: it really is. we talk about that august 2 deadline. it really is -- it's almost before that because it takes a while to get any kind of
6:38 am
agreement in congress in writing, pass both houses and make its way to the president's desk to sign. the deadline is probably well in advance of august 2. if we get closer and closer to that and neither side budges, we do have a potential crisis in the making. >> and negotiators possibly needing to come up with some new ideas as well. doug luzader on capitol hill. thanks so much. a new report finds the government is not tracking fraud in medicare and medicaid making it difficult to identify billions in fake claims. the government accountability office says the systems for analyzing fraud are inadequate and underused and they don't even include medicaid data. another setback? 639 analysts were supposed to be trained on the system but only 41 have been trained so far. the systems cost $150 million. d.c. council expected to give final approval today to the delinquent debt recovery act of 2011 which is aimed at recovery millions of dollars in lost revenue from delinquent fines. the measure would authorize the mayor to issue notices to
6:39 am
debtors, establish payment plans for debt and assess penalty fees to debtors. it's similar to the one that's wielded good results in maryland. d.c. council about to get into the gun dealing business. d.c. council member phil mendelson will introduce a new law that will make it easier for gun owners in the district to transfer their guns. the only business that facilitated gun transfers went out of business earlier this year. the council takes up the bill at 10:00 this morning. one of the jurors who acquitted casey anthony of killing her 2-year-old daughter has quit her job and gone into hiding. juror number 12 said she has received death threats sin the verdict. according to her husband she said she'd rather go to jail than sit on a jury like that again. another user is speaking out. the foreman juror number 11 said most of the evidence the jury was forced to look at and natural liz was -- analyze was shocking and eye opening. >> there's a lot of gray area that goes from on that june 15
6:40 am
to when the body was discovered. and there's a lot of that, you know -- there's just a lot of speculation as to how it got there, who took it there and just a lot of unanswered questions in that regard. >> juror number 11 also weighed in on casey's parents, george and cindy anthony. he thought george had a very selective memory and cindy kept going back and forth with her accounts of what she remembered. we could see some changes coming to d.c. a possible makeover for the ellipse and the old head company warehouse on new york avenue. more on that coming up next. also, all they had to do was ask how one viral video got a u.s. marine a date with an a- list actress. we're going to share their story coming up at 6:40. 
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you probably recognize the building. the old hecht's company warehouse could be seeing new
6:44 am
business soon. "the washington post" reports d.c.-based douglas development is buying the art deco warehouse through foreclosure. the company says it could consider apartments on the site with store front retail or maybe just using a spot for warehouse distribution. new york-based rogers marvel architects won a competition to improve president's park south. the proposed design would raise the height of the ellipse, add a seating wall as a barrier for cars and make it easier for pedestrian access to e street. it would also give the pedestrians a better view of the white house too. the secret service and national park service must still review the design. speaking of the white house, the first lady made a pit stop at a popular new burger joint in the district. >> mrs. obama ate at the shake shack in dupont circle yesterday. we're told she ordered up cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake. the first lady has admitted to her love of french fries but says it's all about moderation. tonight the mid season classic baseball's all-star
6:45 am
game kicks off at 8:00 on fox 5. last night some of the game's heavy hitters faced off for the home run derby. there's manny acta on the mound throwing to adrian gonzalez. he delivered the pitches that went out over the wall. turned out to be a good decision to get him on the mound. this would end up being a yankees-red sox rivalry. that's baseball, right? gonzalez would make it to the final round against robinson cano. 11 bombs in the final round until cano jacked number 12. the yankee's second baseman, your winner of the 2011 home run derby. >> manny was good out there. >> well, you know, the object is to give up home runs. a good job. our weather not so good for most of us i would say. >> let's jump right into it. i'm show you the weather headlines. it's going to be a hot one.
6:46 am
we've got clouds this morning but we will see sunshine later on. hazy sunshine but sunny and hot. that's what we're looking for for the day today. also here's what you want to know. heat advisory in effect if noon until 8:00 -- from noon till 8:00. it will feel like it's between 100 and 105 degrees, maybe warmer. widely scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. only a 20% chance means most of you will be dry but again we cannot rule out some of those thunderstorms popping up. we do get in relief tomorrow. somewhat cooler temperatures but definitely lower humidity. here's a look at the satellite radar composite. clouds over us this morning. there's your rainfall right now moving across southwestern virginia. some showers moving into central portions of virginia as well. a lot of clear sky out here before we see our next system. that's out across the plains right now. upper midwest really. that's pretty good rain and thunderstorm activity but for us things quiet down until some storms populater today. for forecast for today looks like this.
6:47 am
heat advisory in effect. code orange for unhealthy air quality. partly cloudy, hot and humid. late thunderstorm possible. 99 degrees for your high. if we get there, that ties the record at reagan national airport. tonight partly cloudy, mild, spotty thunderstorms likely during the evening. 77 degrees for your overnight low. five-day forecast check it out. tomorrow still warm. 92 degrees but, hey, that will feel good compared to 99 or 100 degrees. less humid as well. thursday, friday and saturday things look much better. temperatures in the #s on. a good amount of sunshine as well and lower -- 80s. a good amount of sunshine as well and lower humidity. it is now time for -- all together now -- ask the weather guys. the most popular segment on channel 5. tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather related or otherwise. today's question is a video submission. let's take a look. >> hey, tony, hey, tucker, this
6:48 am
is jeanette from washington, d.c. i have a question for ask the weather guys. why do i typically see males with two color eyes meaning one is brown and blue, brown and green or brown and gray. is it more prominent in male than females? i just want to know. can you answer that for me? thanks. >> very nice question. >> isn't that a nice question? >> she's tawnging about one eye of -- talking about one eye of one color and one eye another color. have you ever seen that before? > i've been seen it in dogs. is there a comparison here? i'm sorry. >> that's a very good point. it is common -- i won't say common but it occurs in some animals. i do think there's a particular breed of dogs. >> huskies. >> common in huskies. don't know why that is but it does occur in people occasionally. tucker, you want to start? >> why don't you start. >> okay. this is something called -- let's see. it is called hitter row --
6:49 am
heterochroniahelum. it's the iris we're talking about. that's what determines the color of your eye. the iris opens and closes letting in light into your pupil. you can have one iris that's multicolored. you have one eye one color and one eye another. it's not very common. it's caused by -- it's either a genetic thing passed on or it can be due to an injury or inflammation or something like that. >> david bowie is very famous. he developed some kind of illness when he was a kid. >> the first picture we're
6:50 am
going to show -- there he is, david bowie. this is bowie with two different color eyes. i was telling tucker in the '70s -- you're not old enough to remember this -- there were rumors he was a space alien because of the whole ziggy start-up thing but because of the two colored eyes and he made a movie where they covered his belly button so people thought well, this guy is an alien. >> we have more famous people. dan aykroyd. >> i didn't know this till this morning. dan aykroyd has two different colored eyes. >> what is the predominant color variance? one brown, one blue, one blue, one green? >> it can be anything. it gets more interesting. let me first quickly say it happens in both males and females. at the same -- equally chances that they'll be affected.
6:51 am
jane seymour. >> it does happen with both men and women. we're having trouble getting these pictures up. trust us, jane see more has two different eye colors. >> there she is. >> so jeanette, that's the answer. that's what causes it. yes, both men and women get it. there's a twist on this. >> we have a baseball player as well, mad max who plays for the tigers. he has very dramatic -- check it out. today, july 12 is? >> a different colored eye day. you've got to listen to this. we have hundreds of weather guy questions. we go through them. our intern goes through them. let's do this. we pick this one out last week and just decided yesterday all right, we'll do that one tomorrow. we have a young lady on your facebook page who every day -- we mentioned her recently, every day she tells everybody today is blah blah day, donut day, whatever. tucker goes to the facebook
6:52 am
page and she has posted that today is a different colored eye day. >> you didn't tip her off in advance? >> we didn't tip her off. we couldn't have read it in advance. she posted it today. it just happened that way that we chose this question. there's -- we chose it for this day. >> she's a fan that posted that. >> every day she posts something new on the website today is blah, blah day. >> what's the baseball player's like. >> one is dark brown and the other light blue. >> it's that dramatic? >> it's really amazing. jeanette, thank you for the question. thank you for the lovely video submission. we may have some questions for you and we want to thank lasherne for pointing out different colored eye day. if you want a question answered, go to click on the weather tab. you can upload your video question and we will play it on air. >> well done. thank you very much.
6:53 am
it's 6:53. let's check in with julie wright with a look of traffic. i'm now cross eyed. here's the latest. pennsylvania avenue headed towards the so you is a bridge -- sousa bridge, the activity underneept the overpass is tying up the right side of the roadway. if you look closely, ddot is on the scene with the variable message sign scooting everybody over to the left. inbound pennsylvania avenue slow rolling down the hill from branch avenue headed towards the anacostia. outbound all lanes open. the no problems to report on the outbound side of the highway. problems at allentown road along the right side. northbound side traffic congested as you travel from cedar hill road to brandywine. eastbound 66 the crash after 123 on the shoulder. big delays from fair oaks headed east. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you very much. actress mila kunis put on
6:54 am
the spot. >> a marine fighting in afghanistan had a big question for you. take a listen. >> i just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball on november 18 in greensville, north carolina. with yours truly. take a second. think about it. get back to me. >> i like how he was swaggering too. making it all part-- >> if you're talking to mila, you've got to give it a little something. >> the sergeant posted the youtube video asking the star to accompany him to the marine corps ball. it went viral. she heard about it from her co- star justin timberlake and said yes. take a listen. >> is there really video? >> yes. >> watch this. >> it's november? >> you have to go. >> okay. >> we're going to work this out. >> we're going to make this happen. >> sure. >> we'll see if she makes good on her promise. the ball is on november 18 in greenville, north carolina. >> hopefully she does. >> cool.
6:55 am
the crime and punishment museum in northwest d.c. is allowing you to become a investigator for a week. >> a lot of people are going to want to take advantage of this. do you have what it takes? holly morris does. she'll bring us along for csi camp today. we'll check in with holly after the break.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
good morning i am holly morris reportling to you live from a crime scene now i know this isn't my usual beat but guess what, this isn't a usual crime scene either. we are live at the national museum of crime and punishment the crime tape is going up as we speak. they are gearing up for the inaugural csi camp a chance for your kid to see what it is like to be a real crime scene investigator. this is fred our victim he has come to an untimely demise and
6:59 am
foul play is indeduces olympiced who is going to solve the crime? my detech -- suspected, who is going to solve the crime? my detectives. they are going to find out who done it, so to speak. how your child too can do the whole experience later sarah. >> sounds cool. thank you holly. that does it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now over to alison and steve good morning. >> good morning thank you. >> we are on top of a developing story in maryland. >> an amber alert issued after this 8-year-old boy was snatched off the street witnesses say a man got out of a car grabbed the boy put him in the trunk and drove off. more on this search this morning. also a dc councilman plans to introduce legislation to allow dc residents to buy gunget them back into


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